Misdiagnosis Association

We are pleased to welcome you to the official website of Misdiagnosis Association

This innovative and fast growing association aims to become the largest and most comprehensive database of misdiagnosed cases. As a result, gathering and accumulating cases and information regarding misdiagnosed cases and diseases in our database is our primary focus in order to create a useful database for physicians and take steps towards improving healthcare.

Information, knowledge and awareness are the three vertices of a triangle that, in our opinion, are the depth and breadth and meaning of every field or issue. This opinion can be applied to all philosophical, historical and technological fields and above all to humans and life. In this respect, the understanding of the health and comfort of the registrant lies in the shadows of knowledge and self reflection that lead to the stability and positive decision making in regards to behavioral problems. We are always responsible for the actions we performed of free will. Recognition of real situations in which humans are placed, and the feeling and understanding of different angles of these situations can be the best measure for avoiding problems. Problems that arise from deception and misunderstanding of the conditions and only have been through uninformed self reflection and emotions are a completely professional game and deception due to cheap professionals. This is the same trap that has sacrificed us many times because of a lack of protection and no longer do we want to be playthings to these deceptions.

Problems arise from deception and misunderstanding of the conditions because of uninformed self reflection and emotions. This is a completely professional game and deception is due to cheap professionals. It is the same trap that has captured us many times because of a lack of protection and we no longer want to be playthings to these deceptions.

The main goal of the Misdiagnosis Association is, regardless of the geographical boundaries of the five continents, to think of the real treatment for each patient in need and engage in the mental and physical health of each of these patients. It does not matter whether the patient is next door or hundreds of kilometers away. It does not matter from what race the patient comes. It matters not the rituals they follow or the way in which they interpret the world. The only importance is that they are humans.
We know that this path will present us with some unique and exciting challenges; however, we are motivated to take on these challenges and move forward. In order to address this issue, we are currently working on a computer program software that is accessible worldwide stores patients’ medical history in an organized and borderless manner and allows access to a network of top practicing physicians and specialists around the globe. It provides all the necessary tools for family physicians to seek help from members of the network who specialize in the particular field in order to obtain their input only within a few days regarding a challenging case. Through this work we aim to remove the limitations and boundaries placed on the health care received by patients due to their location in the country in order to increase the public’s quality of life as well as providing excellent and equitable care to the national population with minimal taxation of the health care system.

Dr. Pooya Khan Mohammad Beigi