December 21, 2016
misdiagnosis association


We are pleased to welcome you to the official website of Misdiagnosis Association. This innovative and fast growing association aims to become the largest and most comprehensive database of misdiagnosed cases’. As a result, gathering and accumulating cases and information regarding misdiagnosed cases and diseases in our database is our primary focus in order to create a useful database for physicians to take steps towards improving healthcare.   Information, knowledge and awareness are the three vertices of a triangle that, in our opinion, are the depth and breadth and meaning of every field or issue. This opinion can be applied to all philosophical, historical and technological fields and above all to humans and life. In this respect, the understanding of the health and comfort of the registrant lies in the shadows of knowledge and self reflection that lead to the stability and positive decision making in regards to behavioral problems. we are always responsible for the actions that we perform through our own free will. Recognition of real situations in which humans are placed, and the feeling and understanding of different angles […]