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Volunteer with Us

You can apply to become a Misdiagnosis Association Volunteer Today!

MARI International Volunteer Program
MARI’s international volunteer program aims to connect students in health related undergraduate and graduate studies with opportunities to develop their research skills. Our volunteer program in Canada has been established in 2012, and graduates of this program have been successful in publishing research papers as well as clinical fields.

We believe in helping students learn the basics of health research, and we aim to work with individual students to create a custom experience for each student. This program is free, and is currently available for residents in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

This is a volunteer program, and the participants may not expect any compensation for their contribution.
Our program is designed for students who are interested in health related fields such as medicine, biology, physiology etc. However, we are also interested to work with students in computer science (IT), graphic designing as well law.

Students in this program can expect to work independently, under the supervision of a registered physician, and research coordinators.
Students should expect some training in handling confidential information, and data collection. They will also be required to use management softwares, and training will be provided.
Students may be required to attend online check-in meetings every two weeks.

This program is currently available in English only and ability to communicate in English is required to be eligible for this program.
How to apply : Please send your resume and cover letter to info@misdiagnosisassociation.com with the title ‘MARI International Volunteer Program’.
Application is open year-round, participants are selected based on the needs of the organization and on a rolling basis.